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Brights' Bulletin #34 - 2006 February 28


The next three Bulletins will kick off with a brief reminder of the movement's
major aims (as presented on the home page).

Aim 1: Promote the civic understanding and acknowledgment of the naturalistic
worldview, which is free of supernatural and mystical elements.

How do you personally prefer to promote the aforementioned? Do you slip the noun
form of "bright" into casual conversation when the context is suitable? (The
word itself can be a great device for enticing curiosity about the naturalistic
worldview.) Do you integrate it where feasible into what you say when writing a
letter to the editor or when responding to a question posed by others? These are
actions which, in appropriate situations, help to gradually introduce the term
into the vernacular. Do you add "a Bright" to your email signature line? A
fertile circumstance for extending understanding is created as each Bright
(i.e., you) makes some use of the term.

Approaches that focus on the definition, rather than the term, are equally
valuable. When you say to others, "Well, my worldview is naturalistic" or
"Sorry, but I'm free of supernatural," you self-identify in a way that is wholly
free of reference to religion or philosophy or even belief! These are positive
and constructive phrases for a civic self-identity, much more likely to be
preludes to genial and edifying conversation than to dispute. And, as more and
more people who do have a naturalistic worldview simply acknowledge that fact as
opportunities arise, they gradually increase awareness within their spheres of
activity that there are more of us around than perhaps was previously thought.
(And there are!)


Theo has been working on fine tuning the website art in preparation for our
opening a Brights' merchandise center. To aid in promoting recognition of the
movement, there is a need to normalize treatment of the icon and logo across
various items, such as mugs, buttons, and T-shirts.

You can see some upgrades of art on the home page (top header and right
borders). Notice that the header now incorporates the logo, where as before, it
just had the words "The Brights."

In order for everyone to get in on the action to help spread the Brights'
"visual identity," Brights Central (BC) will soon be posting online in a guide
to graphics usage. As a prelude, you may wish to take a look at the page
"Symbolism for the Brights".

The bolder color blue for the Brights' icon is a "grabber"! You can also check
out (and, if you have your own website, you can adopt) the revised "Brights' Web
Banners" which now also incorporate the logo. Go to:


The Brights' Forum is up and running. It has been a rocky two weeks for avid
users, but our Webmaster delights in the new situation. Previously both the
website and Forum were located on a server that had a number of clients. We have
moved both components to a private server which gives much more freedom and
control to The Brights' Net.

If you haven't looked recently, check out the features of the recently upgraded
Forum, which are rather impressive. Also, if you have not visited at all before,
the Forum now has a welcoming foyer for guests.


James (The Amazing) Randi registered as a Bright when the word was first
presented publicly in April 2003. He is doing fine after undergoing bypass
surgery on February 9th. The Brights' Net wishes him a speedy recuperation.
Well-wishers who would like to do something for others (recommended by his
family) may consider donating blood at their community blood center. "Cards by
Brights" may be sent to Randi in care of JREF, 201 SE 12 Street, Fort
Lauderdale, FL 33316, USA.


We have lost an email from a Bright that had been resting on our "back burner."
It had a really fine set of creative suggestions regarding how individual
Brights could help spread the word. If you are that Bright, please do resend you
excellent list to the-brights@the-brights.net. Put upper case LOST EMAIL in your
subject line.

If you are not that person but have some ideas of your own regarding the topic,
please follow the same instruction!


The Brights' Net is a constituency of individuals, and the Co-Directors cannot
(and do not) take positions for "the Brights." Neither can any Bright speak for
the others. This is a point BC has often emphasized: Brights speak for
themselves. Even the results of a poll that garners a rather overwhelming
majority cannot be represented to others as the opinion of the constituency as a

While fruitful in a great many ways, there have been tradeoffs in terms of
certain activities, particularly those involving interactions with associations
which are organized along customary lines. Consequently, we are establishing a
mechanism to allow individual Brights to join with other Brights and form "a
group" to engage in specific and well-defined actions as "that group."

Here's how it will work. From their current e-mail address, individuals will
sign themselves into the special action or endorsement initiative (Special
Initiative Group). They then automatically become tagged in the Brights'
database as a member of the named SIG. The Brights' Net can thereby report out
the group's "opinion" by its SIG name.

The first SIG group is planned to enroll Brights who are US citizens. After BC
gets some experience by setting up the initial action, we will be able to follow
with additional initiatives that target the full international constituency.
Eventually, we envision SIGs that can even engage in ongoing activity under
specific guidelines.

American Brights - please watch for the details in a "BrightenOp(portunity)"
e-mail in early March.


"And God Created Lenin: Marxism vs. Religion in Russia, 1917-1929": by Paul
Gabel. An investigation of the world's only attempt to rid a society with a
well-entrenched religion, also analyzing why the Bolsheviks failed to accomplish
their goal.

"Science and Nonbelief": by Taner Edis. Can science and religious belief
co-exist? This work provides a non-technical introduction to the leading
questions that concern science and religion today.

If you shop Amazon for books or other items, please buy through The Brights' Net
link. Amazon will donate to this organization a small percentage of the cost,
with no extra expense to you. To date almost $100 has been provide to The
Brights' Net educational nonprofit through Amazon purchases.


A harsh Salon review of Daniel Dennett's new book "Breaking the Spell: Religion
as a Natural Phenomenon" resulted in over 80 registrations in one day. There are
now over 10,000 websites commenting on the book that includes the word "bright."


There are two pod-casts you may be interested in listening to. One is a Richard
Dawkins speaking on Point of Inquiry (The Center for Inquiry). In this interview
with DJ Grothe, he discusses his newest work, a two-part documentary series for
British television entitled "The Root of All Evil?" In it, Dawkins challenges
what he calls "the process of non-thinking called faith."

Another Podcast has an hour long interview on "On Point" with Dan Dennett on
"The Nature of Religion."


One issue each of The New York Review of Books and Harpers currently have a
Brights' classified ad. To date we can only clearly trace three registrations to
Harpers'. This is not a cost effective method of drawing interest and will not
be repeated. Word of mouth by Brights and media mention remain the ways people
learn about this endeavor.


The Co-directors will be off to "the top of the world" in June for a
presentation (please note: this is not at any expense to The Brights' Net). Also
speaking at the conference will be two Enthusiastic Brights: Margaret Downey
(USA) and Richard Dawkins (UK).

Taking its title from one of the hosts (Atheist Alliance International), this
"Positive Voice for Atheism" conference takes place on June 23 and 24. The
conference planners include several Icelandic freethought organizations, headed
by host organization SAMT (the Atheist Society of Iceland). The organizers have
put together three tours of Iceland for those that want to use the opportunity
to take an extended vacation in Iceland and travel a bit and see all the most
important sights in Iceland and experience this young volcanic island - the land
of Ice and Fire.

Iceland serves as wonderful "half-way" point for exchanges between Europeans and
Americans. Brights who may have interest in attending this conference may find
more information on the conference and the various speakers (including two
historians) at http://www.samt.is/conference/


Please note! Do not hit reply to reply to this email. Send the email to

If you have a problem receiving this Bulletin, please email Kevin at
and place the word PROBLEM in the subject line.

Buy your Amazon products (books, magazines, records, and so forth) through The
Brights' Net and Amazon will donate up to 10% of the cost to TBN. The Brights
gets a donation and you pay the normal amount.

The Brights' Forum (open 24/7) — http://www.the-brights.net/forums

The archive of all prior Bulletins is at:

Do you have comments for the Co-Directors? Send to the-brights@the-brights.net
and put DIRECTORS in the subject line.

A donation to The Brights' Net will help to sustain/extend its activities. To
donate please use PayPal at: http://www.the-brights.net/action/support/ or mail
a check to The Brights' Net, 163418 Fort Sutter Station, Sacramento, CA 95816
(all donations are U.S. tax exempt since the Brights is a 501(c)(3)non-profit

Co-Directors: Mynga Futrell and Paul Geisert
Webmaster: Kevin Schultz
Web Architect (consultant and emergency service) Theo Welch
BLC Coordinator: Tammy Richard
Outreach Coordinator: Debra Deanne Olson
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