irrationalRobot (irrationalrobot) wrote in brights,

Ideogram or symbol?

I brought up at a recent seattle brights meetup that I'd like us to have an ideogram- the kind of thing one might wear as jewelry (as Christians wear crosses and other groups have various symbols that make their way to lapel pins, tie tacks, etc).

In a discussion on the cascadia BLC list (Cascadia Brights Local Constituency) I suggested a stylized hurricane lamp like so:

or perhaps more like this:

possibly my favorite doesn't have a small picture, but can be seen here

Reasons I think an ideogram is a good idea:
1) helps to spread the meme
2) helps us to identify each other
3) provides good seed material for people to ask "what's that?"

Criteria for a decent ideogram:
1) easily drawn (crosses are just two lines, right?)
2) easily distinguished (we don't want a symbol that looks too much like, say, the coffee pot for alcoholics anonymous)
3) reflects the theme in some way. My suggestion is a tip o the hat to Carl Sagan's "Science as a Candle in the Dark" (subtitle to _The Demon-Haunted World_).

If having an ideogram at all is a good idea, anyone have any thoughts about this suggestion?
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